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Wickless Candles

Wickless Candles

Wickless tins are candles that do not have wicks. So, there’s no fire involved. Wickless tins, go on top of wax warmers, like wax melts.


Flameless candles are a great way to scent your home, nursing homes, dorm rooms, and offices that come in several scents. They’re just contained in a container. 


We hand pour all of our candles, the old-fashioned way, in measurable batches using essential oils, fragrance oils, and all-natural soy wax. 


This listing is for one wickless candle.




  • Weight

    Each Flameless candle is approximately 4 oz in weight.


  • How to Use

    Place it on a candle warmer and enjoy the aroma. 

    15 Hour Approximate Burn Time


  • Ingredients

    Soy wax, colorant, botanicals, and fragrance. 

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