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Holiday Ceramic Candles

Holiday Ceramic Candles

These 9 oz ceramic candles provide a luxury look to any room.  They have a burn time of approximately 55-65 hours. Each candle contains natural ingredients and wicked with a cotton core wick. Our soy candles are clean-burning and will not leave a black residue if the wicks are trimmed correctly. 


Soy candles are known to create a crystal layer called "frost." This does not mean that your candle is low quality; it confirms that it is made from pure soy wax. If you notice this frost, don't worry! It doesn't affect your candle negatively in any way.

Our candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure top-notch quality every time. 

  • Size

    9 oz Candle 


  • How to Burn

    When burning for the first time, burn for at least one hour to ensure that the top layer of the candle is completely melted. If the top layer is not melted, the candle will not burn all the way down. Also, please trim your wicks to 1/4" every time you burn your candle to avoid the emission of black smoke. 

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